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Some of you asked me to impart my knowledge of good web sites, so here goes:
Price comparisons: - my first point of reference...a cnet site - another fine price comparison engine for computers and electronics - good for computers and equipment, icky interface - great for searching for the best prices on books with shipping info. can also search on cds

Coupons & Shopping: - this site has a bunch of coupons from big name internet retailers for $5, $10, and even $20 - they give $50 off your first order. they sell electronics and a bunch of other stuff. they work by getting a bunch of people to buy stuff and the more people that buy, the cheaper the item is. - if you're in the market for a watch, these people seem to have the lowest prices. if you sign up to be a member(free), you get an even cheaper price. I got an $85 watch for $61.

Reviews: - you can search reviews for just about any type of hardware or electronics. - guess...

Software: - great cnet site for shareware - another cnet site for demos and shareware - cnet site for games - they own a lot of computer magazines. they also have a shareware dl site off the main page

Stocks: - free realtime quotes, great stock bulletin boards

Programming: - just about everything about the latest technologies - Sun's java web site - great site for Oracle info - the Delphi Super Page - info for many Borland products