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  11-11-2017 Added the following links to home page
Apologetics Fiction Defending the Christian Faith has never been so much fun!
Kingdom Series - Christian fiction books including Wars of the Realm, The Kingdom Series, and The Knights of Arrethtrae books and audio dramas by Chuck Black.
9/23/2017 removed a bunch of broken links
9-9-2015 Added the following links to Miscellaneous page
Resources for the Army Reservist & their Family
New Jersey Drug Abuse Treatment Programs and Rehab Centers in NJ Outpatient and Inpatient Drug Treatment Centers in New Jersey
mentalhelp.net (Comprehensive Mental Health and Mental Illness information on topics like Depression, Bipolar, Suicide, Anxiety, Addiction, Schizophrenia, and more.)
3-7-2015 Added the following link to Miscellaneous page
Hope 4 Life VA Helping Moms and Families with Unplanned Pregnancies in Hampton Roads/Tidewater area
9/22/2014 Added the following link to Churches In Tidewater / Hampton Roads section
CCN Hickory ( Community Church of the Nazarene at Hickory)
Pastor Raymond Groves, Sr Hebrews 13:1-3 - "Serving God by Serving Others"
6/9/2010 Added the following links to Volunteering section
Learn vocabulary and Give Free Rice 6/9/2010 Added the following links to Humor section
-----Christian Cartoons -----Christian Cartoons collected by SkyWriting ..........Comics.com
12/2/2007 Added the following links
Withreach.com Resource for Incarnational Ministry & Community Transformation
Looking for home design, drafting, or construction management services in Central and South New Jersey? Take a look at Steve Paul LLC, architectural draftsman South Jersey, NJ
8/23/2007 Added the following links
Vote for Mike Huckabee for President in 2008
More good laughs can be found at Christian Cartoons
7/10/2007 Added the following links
Boundless Webzine | An Online Magazine for 20-Something Christian Singles
KLOVE 89.5FM national contemporary Christian radio - Cherry Hill, NJ
6/18/2007 Added the following links
Evangelism and Gifting Survey if you are a Christian, please take this short survey
Evangelism Toolbox, a large and growing database offering multi-lingual, multi-format evangelism resources to share your faith in Christ, provided by many of the top evangelical organizations you trust worldwide.
4/29/2007 Added the following links
EnviroLink Network thousands of online environmental resources since 1991
Do No Harm: The Coalition of Americans for Research Ethics(Ethical Stem Cell Research)
3/18/2007 Added the following links
Life Coaching and Computer Consulting
Christian Life Coach for IT Professionals, military, and ministry leaders
1/28/2007 Added the following links
Fox News The only TV news that comes close to fair and balanced
Town hall Conservative news and discussion community
1/15/2007 Added the following links
One News Now (Daily Christian News Media Service)
First Baptist Church of Clayton.
12/6/2006 Added following link
My Utmost For His Highest Devotional
11/27/2006 Added following links
Be a responsible Christian Citizen at Focus on the Family (formerly Citizen Link)
10/20/2006 Added following link
Outreach Magazine the gathering place for the ideas, insights and stories of today's outreach-oriented church. Designed exclusively for pastors and church leadership
8/31/2006 Added following links
Agape Press (as of 1/14/07 changed to One News Now) Christian News Media Service
Bible study meditation
6/25/2006 Added following links
Hampton Roads/Tidewater Area Church directory
2/14/2006 Updated Gospelcom subordinate links and Added following links
Way of the Master Discover an old way of sharing the good news
12/23/2005 Added the following links
HOPE FM 90.5FM Medford Lakes, NJ, a ministry of Calvary Chapel of Medford
10/4/2005 Added the following links
Christianity Today Monthly magazine with Monday-Friday web postings
Christian Post Christian Online Newspaper with articles posted daily
What Love Is from 4 to 8 year-olds
9/26/2005 Added the following links
Online Christian periodicals:
Christian Post A sort of online Christian daily newspaper
Christianity Today Magazine A monthly magazine with additional articles posted Monday thru Friday
12/28/2004 Added the following links
Evangelism Explosion International an organization dedicated to equipping Christians thru seminars and church class courses to share the Good News!
The Salvation Army National Headquarte The Army of Compassion
Jericho Prison Ministries A Christian interdenominational outreach to the imprisoned based in New Jersey.
11/6/2004 Added my testimony and following links
Four Spiritual Laws from Campus Crusade for Christ.
Purpose Driven Life
8/15/2004 Updated Church directory, changed Easton Union Church to Easton Bible Church
7/31/2004 Added following link
Cyber Salt Humor
7/25/2004 Added following link
ChristianCourses.com Free Online Discipleship courses
4/15/2004 Updated LinksToYou pages
3/9/2004 Updated LinksToYou pages
2/10/2004 Updated LinksToYou pages
2/10/2004 Added following link
Global Volunteer Network: International Volunteering Opportunites with Communities in Need currently has volunteer opportunities available through our partner organizations in China, Ecuador, Ghana, Nepal, New Zealand and Romania, Russia, Thailand and Uganda.
12/16/2003 Updated LinksToYou pages
10/14/2003 Added following link
Access Research Networkto Genesis Theory section
11/14/2003 Updated LinksToYou pages
11/14/2003 Updated South Jersey Church directory, Added Hope Chapel C&MA
10/22/2003 Added following link and Updated South Jersey Church directory - Added Covenant Life Christian Fellowship
Chick Publications Chick cartoon tracts make witnessing easy for anyone! The cartoons grab people's attention, then each tract presents a simple gospel message. Over 70 titles available. We also carry books, comics, and videos.
10/14/2003 Added following link
The Tract League of West Michigan The League has over 300 tract titles in stock. started in 1922.
10/13/2003 Updated LinksToYou pages
9/2/2003 Updated LinksToYou pages
7/28/2003 Updated South Jersey Church directory
7/17/2003 Added following link
The JESUS Film Project The purpose of The JESUS Film Project is to show the JESUS film to everyone in the world in his or her own language.
7/15/2003 Updated LinksToYou pages
6/11/2003 Updated LinksToYou pages and Added following links
Yes, I believe in God to equip and empower students in schools across the nation to boldly proclaim their faith in Jesus.
The Center for Reclaiming America established by Dr. D. James Kennedy, an outreach of Coral Ridge Ministries, provides non-partisan, non-denominational information, training, and support to all those interested in positively affecting the culture and renewing the vision of our Founding Fathers. The Center for Reclaiming America is a national grassroots organization with members in all 50 states.
5/23/2003 Added following links
Operation Eternity Support our troops by sending God's word, a military tag with scriptures and a thank you note.
Purpose Driven Ministries Purpose Driven is a part of the Mission of Saddleback Church, based in Lake Forest, CA. Our task is to equip pastors all over the world to plant and renew churches to become balanced, grow healthily, and reproduce. We do this by promoting and utilizing Rick Warren's biblical teaching on the five purposes of the church and other supporting concepts.
5/9/2003 Updated LinksToYou pages and Added following links
WAWZ Star 99.1FM - Zarephath, NJ (NorthEast Jersey)
4/10/2003 Updated LinksToYou pages
3/5/2003 Updated LinksToYou pages and Added following link
Campus Crusade for Christ Ministry Resources Campus Crusade for Christ's resource ministry serves churches and individual Christians with training, discipleship and outreach resources.
2/11/2003 Updated LinksToYou pages and Added following link
Acts 1:8 MinistryFREE Outreach training kit, and consulting services for Churches. (focuses on giving out stuff for free to the public)
1/6/2003 Updated LinksToYou pages and Added following links
Taxpayers for Common Sense is a nonpartisan budgetary waste watch group. One of their contributing projects is the annual Green Scissors report.
First Baptist Church of Collingswood (added to South Jersey Church directory)
12/10/2002 Updated LinksToYou pages
11/08/2002 Updated LinksToYou pages
10/30/2002 Added following links
New Jersey Family Policy Council a non-profit education and research organization, working to strengthen the family through informed citizenship and improved public policy.
The Relationship Resource Group Incorporated Producer of the "Better Families" church bulletin insert.
10/23/2002 Added following link
Christian Research Institute Equip.org The stated Purpose for this site is "To provide Christians worldwide with researched information, well-reasoned answers and equip them to represent it to people influenced by ideas and teachings that assault or undermine orthodox, biblical Christianity."
10/16/2002 Updated LinksToYou directory section
9/24/2002 Updated South Jersey Church directory with following
Christ Community Church
Colonial Manor Assembly of God
First Baptist Church of Blackwood
First Baptist Church of Manayunk
First Baptist Church of Medford
        Too many more to list right now.
9/24/2002 Added following link
9/19/2002 Added following link
New Man Magazine Online :: America's #1 Christian Men's Magazine
9/13/2002 Updated LinksToYou links, added following link
World Missionary Press- Scripture Booklets for the World World Missionary Press is an interdenominational faith ministry producing 48 page topical Scripture Booklets in over 300 languages for free worldwide distribution as God enable.
8/14/2002 Added following links
Choose Birth:A Life-Giving Alternative to Abortion. MA and nationwide unplanned pregnancy help.
A.R.I.S.E Men of Virtue This site discusses issues that men face each day. You'll learn how to deal, cope, and overcome them through the power of Jesus Christ. Join us in "Building bridges back to God and families.
6/28/2002 Added Collingswood churches to directory and following links
Green Party - http://camdengloucestergreens.org ... State - http://gpnj.org... National - http://greenpartyus.org... College/University -http://campusgreens.org
Ted Glick for Senator of NJ
6/14/2002 Added following link
How Can I Break the Silence? From RBC Ministries and GospelCom.net
6/11/2002 Updated LinksToYou links, added following links
If you are a Christian looking to work for a Christian company check out christianjobs.com
LendingTree® is the only online loan marketplace where lenders compete for your business and you choose the loan that's right for you.
3/11/2002 Added following links
Consumer Jungle Promoting Consumer Literacy for Young Adults
Jump $tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy
2/6/2002 Added Church Submission form and Added following links
An environmentally friendly Long Distance Phone Company Earth Tones
1/18/2002 Added following links
More Sites for Parents Lists sites by popularity and relevancy to parents.
Emphasis On Moms Encouragement for moms as they nurture their families
1/17/2002 Rearranged articles on sharing your faith in Jesus Christ. Added following link
How to Use Tracts Effectively from Good News Publishers / Crossway Books
1/7/2002 Added churches to listing
Audubon United Methodist Church
Logan Memorial Presbyterian Church
12/26/2001 Added contact form
Email Me 12/17/2001 Added following links
Pax TV 7th Heaven WB page 12/6/2001 Updated LinkstoYou links
11/24/2001 Updated following links

An innovative Audio equipment design company North American Products and their amazing amplifier Holographic - Cloning Amplifier Technology(High Quality 3d amp)
11/1/2001 Added following link
REALS - A Comprehensive Real Estate Directory
10/29/2001 Added following link
Additional Mortgage information sites that have online calculators: Fannie Mae's homepath.com, domania.com
Find Mortgage lenders and their rates at the following sites: mortgagerate.com and bankrate.com 9/11/2001 Added following link
American Tract Society -- Gospel Literature Since 1825!
9/11/2001 Added following links
The Center For Christian Counseling And Relationship Development For tech jobs also check Information Systems Hunter
9/10/2001 Removed expired links
6/11/2001 Added following links
afterabortion.org Find out about the real consequences of human abortion on women and society.
grassfire.net A Grass Roots Internet based petitions drive. Mostly Conservative and Christian issues.
Special thoughts for special people
5/25/2001 Added following links
Online Vietnam War Memorial
Buy your credit score report from Fair, Isaac & Co. and Equifax
5/17/2001 Added following link
A new worship and fellowship group: Young Adult Christians Fellowship (link removed 6/11/2002) at the Echelon Mall Ministry
5/7/2001 Added following link
Earth Share, a federation of America's leading non-profit environmental and conservation charities, promotes environmental education and charitable giving in workplace employee campaigns. For more tips or to find out how your workplace can help the earth, see Earth Share's Web site at www.earthshare.org or call 1.800.875.3863
5/4/2001 Added following link
WVCH 770AM Christian Radio Philadelphia, PA
WFIL 560AM Christian Talk Radio Philadelphia, PA
WZZD 990AM Today's Christian Music Radio Philadelphia, PA
4/24/2001 Added following link
Focus on the Family Ministries
Crown Financial Ministries
Good News Publishers / Crossway Books
4/12/2001 Added following link
A Powerful Story
Vegetarian Resource
Wizard of Ads
4/9/2001 Added following link
National Friendship Week
4/7/2001 Added following links
WXHL Today's Christian Music Radio Station - 89.1 Wilmington DE, 103.5 delaware county, 91.9 Salisbury, 97.1 Philadelphia, PA
Stephen Paul CAD operator architectural draftsman in NJ
4/3/2001 Added following link
Urban Promise in Camden, NJ
4/2/2001 Added following link
South Jersey Church directory
3/29/2001 Added following links
awesome.crossdaily.com - A Christian Portal site
Clean Christian Humor
The Savior's Alliance for Lifting the Truth - A Christian Organization promoting Chastity
Apologetics Resource Center
Echelon Mall Ministry
3/23/2001 Added following links
Additional resources for religious comparisons:
World Religions Index
Christianity, Cults & Religions Comparison Chart by Rose Publishing
3/6/2001 Added following links
Interested in seriously studying the Bible? Consider Cairn University, Langhorne, PA
Validate your website's HTML code validator.w3.org
http://www.greenscissors.org is pro environment and pro eliminating wasteful spending.
2/20/2001 Added following links
Jesus in my heart
It depends on whose hands it's in
2/19/2001 Added following link
Concerned that your tax dollars are being wasted on pork barrel items? check out http://www.govt-waste.org (Very Anti-Environment, but good for eliminating other wasteful spending)
2/12/2001 Added following link
Why do some friends keep forwarding jokes?
2/5/2001 Added following links
Learn about other religions so that you may minister to Non-Christians better at religioustolerance.org
Christ's Bible Church of Pennsauken Another church I have attended
1/29/2001 Added following links
A "Popular" online megastore http://www.popularlink.com
Help the world via your long distance phone company at Working Assets Long Distance
BMG Music's Spiritual Music Club sound-and-spirit
1/19/2001 Added following links
Were You Colder Than This?
Concerned about over-population? Check out overpopulation.org
A Christian Metal band of which a friend of mine is a member, NintHour
The Ten Commandments from the Book of Exodus
1/9/2001 Added following links
Trend Micro anti-virus software helpthehungry.org - Donate food every day.  1/2/2001 Added following link
safe email practices to avoid viruses
12/29/2000 Added following link
changinglinks.com A random slideshow of sites for those that would like to entertain themselves by exploring random sites.
12/28/2000 Added following links
"Tech talent wars" a good book for Tech Managers
Find out more about charities at Charity Watch
"Strong Numbers" - Blue Book values for everything For detailed street level maps Eartha Maps
Net Aid
12/27/2000 Added following links
NJ Traffic Land
History and Lyrics for Taps
I Went to a Party, Mom - a poem against drinking and driving.
12/12/2000 Added following links
Some non-Christian music bands I enjoy: U2 and Queen and The Beatles
12/8/2000 Added following link
Updated links to you section
12/1/2000 Added following link
Gloucester County Community Church Another church where I attend the Young Adults Singles ministry on Monday nights.
11/8/2000 Added following links
Government Search Engines firstgov.com .....govworks.com .....govspot.com
Some useful government sites:
Government Printing Office
The Department of Health and Human Services' Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Programs
 The U.S. Census Bureau (www.census.gov), has an easy-to-search site that boasts information galore on who lives where.
The Federal Election Commission (www.fec.gov/), lets you see how much money candidates have received in contributions and who has contributed to whom. It also has information on campaign finance laws in English and Spanish.
The National Center for Education Statistics (nces.ed.gov/), lets you assess for yourself how American students are doing, and how much taxpayers are spending on them.
Get more information at gannett online

11/7/2000 Added following links
Princeton Review or Keirsey or job hunter
11/6/2000 Updated LinkstoYou links and Added following links
............Speak Out ............Tax Clarity ............Public Integrity

10/30/2000 Added following links
Dr. Suess in Computer Land
10/25/2000 Added following link
Vote for Ralph Nader if you are sick and tired of politics as usual and you want a president that will look out for the interests of the people and not of corporations.
10/19/2000 Added following links
A Christian organization to which I've donated: American Bible Society
Another Christian organization to which I've donated: Food for the poor
NCO leaders book
10/3/2000 Added following link

Some additional advice can be found at How to Share Your Faith in Christ
9/20/2000 Added following link
Sierra Club
9/18/2000 Added following link
Google Search Engine
9/13/2000 Added following links
You can get a satellite image maps of many locations at Terra Server
Murphy's Military Laws
9/5/2000 Updated LinksToYou link pages
9/1/2000 Added following link
WSJI 89.5 South Jersey's Inspiration Christian Radio Station
8/3/2000 Added following link
Send letters to help the environment just by filling in some forms at www.saveourenvironment.org 7/25/2000 Added following link
Speaking in Tongues and Charasmatic Services
Find an environmental job at Environmental Careers Organization
7/24/2000 Added following link
Plug in to the Power of Sonic Energy at www.tuneyourbrain.com
7/24/2000 Updated
Corrected problem with links.htm
7/21/2000 Updated
7/19/2000 Updated
7/12/2000 Added following links
7/11/2000 Added following links
Find a job via the internet
7/5/2000 Added following links
For parents who would like to learn more about babies baby university
Habitat for Humanity   Compassion International   Big Brothers Big Sisters of America
Fast / all the web
6/28/2000 Added following links
Freedom is not Free
Reorganized and added new sections. TV, Humor, Email forwards. 6/27/2000 Added following links
find out what type of server a web site is using.
A church that I've heard good things about: Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia
For Dad's who would like some help or want to shop for 'Dad' things try www.odaddy.com
6/20/2000 Added following links
Need to find a professional seminar try this www.seminarplanet.com
www.productopia.com a great place to go and compare products and product information BEFORE you shop on other sites or go to a ´brick and mortar´ store in your local area.
6/20/2000 Removed following link
http://visualroute.datametrics.com/ data metrics visual route - See a visual representation of a trace route from Virginia to any location and much more information.
6/16/2000 Added following links
Find more South Jersey related content at Southjersey.com
Free Web Site Promotion Advice
6/13/2000 Added following links
Who Was Jesus - Amusing impossibilities
6/12/2000 Added following links
http://visualroute.datametrics.com/ data metrics visual route - See a visual representation of a trace route from Virginia to any location and much more information.
6/7/2000 Added following links
Add URL Submit your site for inclusion on my web site.
Way Deep Thoughts
top 100 ways you know you're from south Jersey
helping out
College Admissions Essay
The List: Motivational Posters - removed June 2022
6/6/2000 Added following links
4 cool site a listing of sites that have daily or weekly site listings
Find out what your mental, physical, and emotional status will be at biorhythm
For those of you who think your so smart visit mensa or test your IQ at iqtest.com
6/5/2000 Updated following links
My Philosophy on Creation
6/2/2000 Added following links
gif optimizerMake your web site faster Optimize your gifs.
Pessimist Proverbs
Updated site to separate topics to different pages.
5/25/2000 Added following links
Join an Affiliate Program at Commission Junction
Pay your bills online at Pay Trust
hot scripts
internet daydaily web tips
less clicks
5/24/2000 Added following links
scrub the web
5/16/2000 Updated following link
5/16/2000 Added following link
Not sure what type of job you want? Match your skills and interests to job descriptions at Career Experience
5/15/2000 Added following links
cyberbuddhaAn interesting sound and graphic intensive site
find other interesting sites at cool site of the day or daily web site
Peace Prayers
5/8/2000 Added following links
Free Online Computer Classes
Free Promotion to Thousands of Sites!Another FFA page
4/28/2000 Added following links
Learn more about the Philosophy behind Pascal's Wager
4/24/2000 Added following links
Fellowship Alliance Chapel A church where I attend the Young Adults Ministry meetings
4/20/2000 Updated page formating and Added following links
Take part in EarthDay.net Make every day Earth Day.
4/18/2000 Updated page formating and Added following links
Cool Faces you can type
4/17/2000 Updated following link
B.P. Home Inpections
4/13/2000 Added following links
Another METASearch Engine: dogpile.com
4/10/2000 Added following links
Cool Tests
Save the Rain Forest by following this link at care2.com
Open Directory Project
the yellow pages
4/5/2000 Added following links
Create a favorites icon for your website at favicon.com If you bookmark this page, you can see the icon I created - it was real easy.
Now available in NJ greenmountain Energy
4/4/2000 Added following links
Ed Paul's IIS VBscripts Page
3/24/2000 Added my banner to this page. Do you like?
      Updated aspformmail.htm
3/22/2000 Added following links
Knowing is more than half the battle
3/21/2000 Added following links
Add a Web site to IIS4 using VBscript modified by Ed Paul.
Frustrated Programmers' Site
3/17/2000 Added following links
Why Do I Believe that the Bible is the Word of God? brought to you by HolyBible.com
3/2/2000 Added following links
Looking for a home inspector in Camden County or Gloucester county? Try B.P. Home Inpections The phone numbers are 856-309-2727 in Camden County and 1-800-647-9896 in Gloucester County. You can search for inspectors outside this area at ITA Inspector Web
2/23/2000 Added following links
Technology challenged
2/22/2000 Rearanged Computing Resources section and Added following links
ASP 101
2/17/2000 Added following links
The Transformers Fan Page
2/11/2000 Added following links
2/10/2000 Added following links
Leadership Universitya Christian Resource
2/9/2000 Added following links
Are the Biblical Documents Reliable?
Added parallel website at http://www.geocities.com/paul_e.rm/
Which is organized under http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Computer/2340/
Updated parallel website at tripod to change adds from popup to banner ads at http://e_paul.tripod.com/
2/8/2000 Added following links
smartcareers.com they are a company geared to service prior military members make a transition into civilian work sectors
Military Appreciation
1/31/2000 Updated following links
Metal Rules! Magazine by Jeff Rappaport
1/31/2000 Added following links
Stupid People
1/27/2000 Added following links by splitting up main page
Windows IT Pro
Good search engine for NT stuff
Get lots of free stuff from College Club
free online tax return at hdvestonline
Stargate - SG1
1/26/2000 Added following links by splitting up main page
Other Topics Page   Misc. Page 1/26/2000 Added following links
Something for God to do
A Wish For The New Millennium
Real Friend
1/6/2000 Added following section
How to Share your faith without an Argument
Added following links
All Good
Dear God
12/28/99 Added following links
A company that produces a Christian Comic Book Eternal Studios
A Catholic Philiadelphia page BlessMe.org
12/24/99 Added following links
Link Booster a Free for All Links page
12/22/99 Added following links
An article from Our Daily Bread on "Two Ways To God?"
Donate food by following this link
More Christmas Carols
An interesting Christmas Tale
12/21/99 Added following links

Web Page Coding techniques for improving Search engine listing 12/14/99 Added following link
Christmas Carols for the Psychiatrically Challenged
12/9/99 Added following links
I am Thankful for...
A list of links that he recommends
12/6/99 moved Volunteer section to more appropriate location
Volunteer section has moved
12/2/99 Added following link
11/24/99 Added following links
Validate your website Site Inspector
ASP Toolbox
11/19/99 Added following links
Send form contents via email without FrontPage on IIS webservers for FREE with AspEmail and AspFormMail(my own modification)
11/18/99 Added following links
Help End Hunger in the United States - one of the missions of The Feinstein Foundation
11/9/99 Added following link
Add an FTP site to IIS4 using VBscript
11/8/99 Added following links
Look for a job in the Computer Industry
Donate food by clicking on a link
Single Volunteers
Senators that voted against the 4.8 percent military pay raise
11/4/99 Added following link
11/3/99 Added following link
11/1/99 Added following section
Core Christian Beliefs
Added following links
Earth Final Conflict
Green Power Network
10/29/99 Added following link
My Resignation as an Adult
Redesigned Misc section
10/28/99 Added following link
Excuse Generator by Michael Pye
10/25/99 Added following link
Personality Test
10/22/99 Added following link
10/14/99 Added following link
Shields Up! Test your PC's internet security
10/12/99 Added following links
.....U.S. Senate .....U.S. House of Representatives
10/6/99 Added following links
- Wife 1.0 - removed June 2022
The far from smartest people in the world - removed June 2022
10/5/99 Added following section
Why Would A Good God Allow Suffering?
10/4/99 Rearanged Misc. section

9/16/99 Added following links
A quote from the bible on contentment (sortof)
Free Web Based NNTP Reader at Deja News
9/10/99 Added following links
9/3/99 Added following links
NetSonic Web Accelerator
Socially Responsible Mutual Funds
9/2/99 Added following links
USA Weekend Magazine Make A Difference Day   Impact Online
Volunteer Match   Get Involved   Serve Net
8/26/99 Added following links
"Been Thinking About Contentment" from Campus Journal a part of Our Daily Bread ministries. For most of my life, I have thanked the Lord for a great sense of contentment that I have. This article shows the importance to have a contentment for your situation, but as the serenity prayer says, we need to have the courage to change the things that need to be changed.
8/25/99 Added following links
"The Man on the Cross"
Added links to section on MY PHILOSOPHY ON CREATION
8/24/99 Added following links and added this page
Another Christianity Commercial Resource