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This page is full of useful links on topics not covered in the rest of my site that I could not categorize.
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My collection of email forwards

The smartest people in the world and their thoughts...
Personality Test
Christmas Carols for the Psychiatrically Challenged
More Christmas Carols
An interesting Christmas Tale
A Wish For The New Millennium
Technology challenged
Pessimist Proverbs
Way Deep Thoughts
top 100 ways you know you're from south Jersey
College Admissions Essay
Who Was Jesus - Amusing impossibilities
Murphy's Military Laws
Dr. Suess in Computer Land
NJ Traffic Land
Hot Air Balloon
More good laughs can be found at Christian Cartoons

Look in Your Heart
Real Friend
National Friendship Week
Why do some friends keep forwarding jokes?
I am Thankful for...
All Good
Dear God
How Do You Live Your Dash?
Something for God to do
helping out
Lyrics for Taps
I Went to a Party, Mom - a poem against drinking and driving.
Were You Colder Than This?
Jesus in my heart
It depends on whose hands it's in
A Powerful Story
Special thoughts for special people
New school prayer
Too Many Officers Trading Fatigues For Business Suits
Someone cares for our GI's
Military Appreciation
Freedom is not Free
What Love Is from 4 to 8 year-olds
Angels in the Alley
Senators no vote on military pay raise

smartcareers.com is a company geared to service prior military members make a transition into civilian work sectors. Or try military.com

Princeton Army ROTC
U.S. Veterans Affairs
Your Family might be too hooah
Knowing is more than half the battle
NCO leaders book
Online Vietnam War Memorial
Resources for the Army Reservist & their Family

MISC 2020 Virginia Beach Conservative Candidates for City Council and School Board, state, and national offices

2019 Virginia Beach Conservative Candidates for government offices
In Motion Hosting Great web hosting from basic sites to dedicated servers using Linux and cPanel
ETI Internet Service Provider(ISP) located in NJ
Life Ministries of Hampton Roads Offering help and hope at abortion clinics in the Hampton Roads/Tidewater area to women in crisis pregnancies
Hope 4 Life VA Helping Moms and Families with Unplanned Pregnancies in Hampton Roads/Tidewater area
One News Now News that affects the Christian community
An innovative Audio equipment design company North American Products and their latest amazing amplifier Holographic - Cloning Amplifier Technology(High Quality 3d amp)

Stock Smart ............ NASDAQ     Socially Responsible Mutual Funds
TSC TCNJ(the college formerly known as TSC) Homepage ...Student, Alumni,Staff & Faculty Webpages
Blue Ribbon Free Speech Campaign

The following links are all relatively new:
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In need of a Greek New Testament guide? Consider The Learner’s Greek New Testament Series by David Harris Walker.


Map Blast! or Yahoo Maps or For detailed street level maps Eartha Maps
You can get a satellite image maps of many locations at Terra Server
Download site speed/reliable evaluator
Information Please: On-Line Dictionary, Internet Encyclopedia, & Almanac Reference
Consumers Digest
Consumer Reports
Weird Al Official Site
The Courier-Post the Local Newspaper for South Jersey news Find more South Jersey related content at Southjersey.com
Popular Science Magazine
Neurobics, Keep Your Brain Alive
The Transformers Fan Page
USA Weekend Magazine
Cool Faces you can type
cyberbuddhaAn interesting sound and graphic intensive site
find other interesting sites at cool site of the day
or 4 cool site a listing of sites that have daily or weekly site listings
Join an Affiliate Program at Commission Junction
Pay your bills online at Pay Trust
Find out what your mental, physical, and emotional status will be at biorhythm
For those of you who think your so smart visit mensa or test your IQ at iqtest.com
Craig's Internet Links A small categorized link page
www.productopia.com a great place to go and compare products and product information BEFORE you shop on other sites or go to a ´brick and mortar´ store in your local area.
Need to find a professional seminar try this www.seminarplanet.com
Plug in to the Power of Sonic Energy at www.tuneyourbrain.com
Some non-Christian music bands I enjoy: U2 and Queen and The Beatles
changinglinks.com A random slideshow of sites for those that would like to entertain themselves by exploring random sites.
A "Popular" online megastore http://www.popularlink.com
Buy your credit score report from Fair, Isaac & Co. and Equifax

Home and Family
For Dad's who would like some help or want to shop for 'Dad' things try www.odaddy.com
For parents who would like to learn more about babies baby university
Emphasis On Moms Encouragement for moms as they nurture their families
More Sites for Parents Lists sites by popularity and relevancy to parents.

Other interesting sites
Additional Mortgage information sites that have online calculators: Fannie Mae's homepath.com
Find Mortgage lenders and their rates at the following sites: mortgagerate.com and bankrate.com
Looking for home design, drafting, or construction management services in Central and South New Jersey? Take a look at Steve Paul LLC, architectural draftsman South Jersey, NJ
  • About Steve Paul - NJ Architectural Draftsman
  • NJ New Home Design
  • NJ Decks and Additions
  • NJ Home Remodeling Design
  • NJ Commercial/Retail Design
  • NJ House Flippers design help
  • NJ Engineering Drawings
  • LendingTree® is the only online loan marketplace where lenders compete for your business and you choose the loan that's right for you.
    You can search for home inspectors at ITA Inspector Web
    REALS - A Comprehensive Real Estate Directory
    Consumer Jungle Promoting Consumer Literacy for Young Adults
    Jump $tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy
    The Adventure of Sir Good Knight by Tom Geden from NJ(my uncle) - a story book designed for kids in kindergarten, but enjoyable by kids of all ages.
    New Jersey Drug Abuse Treatment Programs and Rehab Centers in NJ Outpatient and Inpatient Drug Treatment Centers in New Jersey
    mentalhelp.net (Comprehensive Mental Health and Mental Illness information on topics like Depression, Bipolar, Suicide, Anxiety, Addiction, Schizophrenia, and more.)
    Artful Smiles Family Dentistry Dentist on Princess Anne in Virginia Beach, VA

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