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This page is full of useful links on just about every subject that interests me, Ed Paul(which is a lot). And if you can't find something that interests you, you can go to one of the search engines listed in the SEARCH section and find it there. If you'd like to get to know me better visit My Info Page
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     Totally Free Stuff by category. Includes a section on New Freebies for the past 2 weeks.
thefreesite.com Freeware Home More free stuff
Free College Financial Aid
Download.com (Favorite) Jumbo NONAGS ftpsearch.lycos.com
ID Software Apogee Software Download.net
Cnet Central ZDNet PC Gamer Magazine

Information Week Magazine Smart computing Brain Buzz Systems Internals Swynk
MCP Magazine
Philly Tech Magazine
ASP 101 ASP Toolbox(NEW!)

    TCNJ Orgs.....The Computer Science Department , Upsilon Pi Epsilon
    If your looking for an internet service provider check out ETI (formerly KAPS/CyberEnet)
    Free web based email!Yahoo Mail or [email protected](5MB space,very crowded)
    Iconographics(cool graphics for web pages) ....Cool background pictures
    Barry's Clip Art
    For a comprehensive list of Clipart sites visit Clipart.com or Clip-Art.com
    For hardware infopowerspec - cheap computer
    Virus Checkers/Cleaners by Symantec or by McAfee
     Info World Magazine and their 1998 IS Salary Survey or 1999 IS Salary Survey
    Or Computer Jobs and their 1998 Salary Survey
    Video Game site Happy Puppy
    NetSonic Web AcceleratorDownload NetSonic NOW     A must have piece of software for Win95/98!
    Free Web Based NNTP Reader at Deja News
    Shields Up! Test your PC's internet security
    Excuse Generator by Michael Pye , Add an FTP or Web site to IIS4 using VBscript modified by Ed Paul.
    Send form contents via email without FrontPage on IIS webservers for FREE with AspEmail and AspFormMail(my own modification)
    Validate your website's HTML code Site Inspector      
    Create a favorites icon for your website at favicon.com If you bookmark this page, you can see the icon I created - it was real easy.       (New!)
    Free Online Computer Classes
    hot scripts
    internet daydaily web tips
    gif optimizerMake your web site faster Optimize your gifs.       (New!)
     If you want to publicize your web page go to....
Launch It Submit It scrub the web ADD ME SelfPromotion (my favorite)
    For more sites check out Yahoo-Free Web Promotion

For Internet search engines check out
Google (Favorite) Excite Lycos Starting Point Metasearch Altavista HotBotRated the best by CNET Central

For Internet directories check out
Yahoo About.com Open Directory Project the yellow pages less clicks

Metacrawler (my favorite) A meta search engine which utilizes multiple search engines and directories and returns a composite list of sites.
Another METASearch Engine: dogpile.com

Use one of these topic specific search engines for     LAW     MEDICINE     REAL ESTATE     Home Inspectors    
Good search engine for NT stuff
Link Booster a Free for All Links page
Free Promotion to Thousands of Sites!Another FFA page
A new search engine:

Public Citizen Take part in EarthDay.net Make every day Earth Day.
Spend Just 20 minutes a month to help the environment at 20/20 Vision Essential.ORG Listing of organizations including environmental ones
Green Power Network                           Now available in NJ greenmountain Energy
Donate to save the rainforest by following this link or clicking the button

TNG Communicator on bar
Science Fiction - SCIFI Sci-Fi Channel SFTV Page
TNG Federation Logo
Why Picard is Better than Kirk
Babylon 5 - Lurker Bab5 Fan Club Official Bab5 Site
Sci-Fi Channel - Sliders First Wave Farscape Poltergeist
Highlander Stargate - SG1 Earth Final Conflict X-Files
A page by Robert Collins on     Star Wars, Star Trek, and Babylon 5

TNG Communicator on bar
My best friend lost his website, but here's his email:Jeff Teller
Another long time friendBill Hall(New Location) A list of links that he recommends
A fellow TSC compsci alumni : Mike McAuliffe Metal Rules! Magazine by Jeff Rappaport
Suburban Noise Magazine a local magazine by some of my friends featuring music reviews, restaurant reviews, poetry, literary, and other artistic work.
Trenton Weather from: USA Today Weather.com
Philly Weather from: USA Today Weather.com
Just Plain Weather:           rainorshine.com
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